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1st MY LIFE 2004

2nd GAME 2004

3rd A Wolf Among Sheep 2007 


5th ELEVEN 2014 

6th 66X 2014

7th Sick Sick Sick 2019

The following albums and singles are available on most streaming sites. 

ALBUMS: A Wolf Among Sheep 1 (EP version)

*LP version on Bandcamp

SINGLES 2006~2019:

Island: 2006: with Big Ron, Shion(詩音)

Tricky: 2016: Prod. Wasaru

No Existe: 2010: with Say(Argentina)

Manos en el Aire: 2010: with Say(Argentina)

4My Vatos: 2006: Prod. U-Key Zone

Peleadores: 2007: with FROST

SINGLES 2020~:

Killemregardless: 2020: Prod. ReyBeatz

Dirty: 2020: Prod. Zach Sutton

Whichu: 2020: Prod. Max Miroslavskiy

I kill: 2020: Prod. MutricKBeats

*The songs Azules, Armas de Mujer, and Replay although credited to Katagi on streaming sites, belong to a different artist with the same name. 

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